Digital Installation Room

About Retuned Piano - excerpt

Installation music for piano retuned to rational/irrational intonation with self-generating probability-based combinations via max/msp. Max/msp patch by jack dettling.

A 48-tone pitch set is divided into four 12-tone pitch sets - each separated by 25c. Each is tuned so that the fourth and fifth scale degree are untempered and the third, sixth and seventh scale degree are lowered by a syntonic comma. The remaining pitches are set to OTS P equal temperament.
12 sets of prerecorded randomly generated 12-tone rows are played by max/msp.


Removal of a predetermined temporal morphology from a curated set of pitch-objects as an effort towards free listening.


This webpage is the digital portion of an installation. In opening this page, you can begin to conceive of the current space you are in as the physical installation space.